fax/copier, paper: sheet, print: thermal transfer, 9.6 Kbit/s FAX-T104
Technical characteristics FAX-T104
Print type thermal transfer
Conductive tube
Wireless handset
Modem speed 9.6 Kbit/s
The number of shades of gray 64
Paper FAX-T104
Type of paper sheet
Max. paper size A4
Max. document size on X 216 mm
Max. document size Y 297 mm
Paper tray capacity 30 sheets
Your device hand auto 10 sheets
Autocutter for paper
Copier FAX-T104
Copy function
Function FAX-T104
Answering Machine
Caller ID
DECT Standard
Deferred transmission
Unicast rollover fax/telephone
One-button set 4 buttons
Notebook 100 rooms
Memory for receiving faxes 25 sheets
Memory for sending faxes 25 sheets
Multicasting 104 subscribers
Volume control the handset
The Dimensions Of The FAX-T104
The Width Of The 302 mm
Height 132 mm
Depth: 186 mm
Weight 2.7 kg